OPD Chief Addresses Recent Shootings

Jake Wasikowski

OPD Chief Addresses Recent Shootings

CREATED Oct. 23, 2012

There have been 13 people shot in the last eight days in Omaha.   Tuesday, the Omaha Police Department explained how hard they’re working to stop this violence. 

Police say many long-term plans are inplace to prevent shootings, but they've also improved other areas to catch these criminals now.  The examples are recent murder arrests where a total of six people have been arrested for the murder of Montrell Wiseman on October 21st and Delayno Wright on September 3rd. 

In the last 8 days, thirteen people have been shot in the metro.  Two of them died.  Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer has a clear message for these criminals; even if you get away after the shooting they'll keep hunting you. 

"We have made additions to homicide unit, gang unit, and cold case squad for the sole purpose of aggressively following up on these felony crimes," Schmaderer explained. 

Sharie and Arthur Plunkett, who lost their 16-year-old son Montrell Wiseman, say he was a basketball player at Omaha South High School and the victim of retaliation for something he wasn't a part of.  Police have arrested 3 people and are looking for two others involved in the murder. 

"Put down the guns, just put down the guns," Sharie described. "The community and everybody needs to get more proactive and everything.  

“Community involvement, education, no retaliation, especially for someone like Montrell because he was not a gang member," Arthur added. 

OPD Criminal Investigations Bureau Captain Kerry Neumann says they need witnesses to come forward, and want them to trust police that they'll remain anonymous. 

"These incidents of shootings are going to recycle over and over again until an arrest is made,” Capt. Neumann said.

"When the community trusts and believes that the Crimestoppers system is anonymous and they don't have to come forward and testify, they will not have to be named as a witness there will be more and more tips coming in." 

OPD says investigators will not only hold the shooters accountable, but anyone else who was involved in the crime.