Iowans Weigh in Before Presidential Debate

Meghan Matthews

Iowans Weigh in Before Presidential Debate

CREATED Oct. 16, 2012

 Are you going to watch the debate tonight Terry? I plan to watch the debate. Did you watch the first one? I did."

Iowans are ready for round two.

"Obama's gonna try to, he's gonna be coached a different way than he was, and hopefully he'll do a better job and I hope that Romney keeps doing a good job."
During tonight's second presidential debate voters in the swing state will be all ears, and this time around they want to hear more.
More on the economy...
"Facts about economy, facts about oil prices and how that effects our economy, facts about healthcare."
And more on jobs...
"Unemployment and jobs, and I would like to see more of a unicameral I mean more of them working together a bipartisan party."
And of course, healthcare.
"They're just kinda waffling."
The latest presidential tracking poll from shows Obama leading Romney in Iowa by a slim margin, 2.8%.
But no matter what happens tonight, Iowans want something different out of Washington.
"I just want something done, and it's gonna take more than just one president to get the country back in shape I know that we just need someone devoted to what we need."