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Lee Terry Political Ad Coming Down, But Why?

Jennifer Griswold

Lee Terry Political Ad Coming Down, But Why?

CREATED Oct. 11, 2012

Republican Congressman Lee Terry has been airing an ad about Democrat John Ewing's budget record as Douglas County Treasurer.  Ewing has said the television spot was untrue and asked for it to be removed. Terry has said it is honest, and he won't remove it or apologize for it.

Ewing issued a statement Thursday saying he was glad the ad was being removed from the airwaves and again asked for an apology.

Action 3 News asked Terry's campaign why the spot would stop airing after Thursday. They told us it has nothing to do with the requests from Ewing and Democrats and has everything to do with ad rotation. They also said they will not apologize for the budget ad.

A spokesperson for Terry says their office always planned to start airing a Medicare-related ad as soon as Ewing brought up his stance on Medicare. Ewing began airing an ad that mentioned Medicare on Thursday.