UNO Student's Alleged Killer Found Incompetent

Jake Wasikowski

UNO Student's Alleged Killer Found Incompetent

CREATED Oct. 11, 2012

A UNO student with a bright future is murdered, and his alleged killer is deemed incompetent to stand trial.


The defendant, Gregory Dodds, will now go to the Lincoln Regional Center to be evaluated.  A judge ruled a history of mental issues may have played a role in the killing.


Vedant Patel was born in India and was an engineering student at UNO's Peter Kiewit Institution.  Friends describe him as an intelligent and caring person.  Patel was excited for graduation, but he never made it to that day.


On March 5th, police found Patel stabbed multiple times in his northwest Omaha condo.  His best friend, Abdul Mir, says Vedant may have been asleep when his roommate’s brother allegedly killed him.


"It's very tough.  I'm going to tell you I sleep at night and I wake up thinking I'm dead and then I start breathing.  Do you know how hard that is?  It's very hard," Mir explained.


Dodds will now be evaluated, and treated so he can help with his own defense.  Douglas county attorney

Don Kleine says it could take a few months before Dodds is ready for trial.  He says they intend to hold the defendant responsible.


"There was a report that was filed with the court that says that he has several diagnosed mental illnesses that impact his ability to assist in his own defense and understand the legal process," Kleine described.


Mir hopes Dodds is punished for killing his best friend with a bright future.


“When I was growing up my family told me that God will always take the best of us first and I believe that Vedant was the best," Mir concluded.


During his stay in Lincoln, County Attorney Kleine believes they will also determine if Dodds was sane or insane when the crime was committed.