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Ralston Police Investigate Burglaries

Ralston Police Investigate Burglaries

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Oct 8, 2012

Ralston police are on the lookout for daytime crooks.  They've had multiple burglaries in the last week.


The Ralston Police Dept. says they're investigating at least three burglaries from within the last week.  They believe two of them are connected because stolen items were found in a stolen red truck that was located in Omaha. Chief Ron Murtaugh says the burglaries are happening close to main thoroughfares out of the city.  The suspects broke in during the day and took electronics and jewelry.


One homeowner says they pried open her door.  She's been scared ever since they burglarized her home.


"They took jewelry and some things that were obviously really important to me and my family, they robbed a real sense of security," the homeowner explained.


The Ralston Police Department says they are patrolling neighborhoods during the day, and informing local pawn shops to watch out for the stolen items.  Authorities suggest that neighbors watch out for one another when they're not home.

If you have any information on these burglaries call the Ralston Police Department at 402-331-1786.