UPDATE: Police Remove Suspicious Package At Millard Islamic Center

Kathy Niver

UPDATE: Police Remove Suspicious Package At Millard Islamic Center

By Kathy Niver. CREATED Sep 11, 2012

Omaha, NE -Police were called to the Millard Islamic Center near Millard Avenue and Q Streets just before 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.  Administrators noticed a suspicious package behind a storage building and called police.

"I found a black bag which was squeezed in a very small area between the storage area and the building," said AbdulQahar Hikmat. "The storage area has been vandalized in the past."

Police told KMTV Action 3 News the package was not a bomb, but contained something that will be looked into by investigators.

"We used a disruption tool on the robot and were able to open that package, spill the contents out, and determine that the contents inside did not have anything of an explosive nature," said Matt Manhart with the OPD Bomb Squad.

While what was in the package is not known, it's how it got there and the fear it triggered.

Since the Islamic Center opened it has been the target of several crimes.

"We have been vandalized a few times in the past because just for our beliefs," said Hikmat.

When a bag showed up squeezed into a small gap between the storage shed and building, there was no room to take any chances, because nerves have been rattled in the past.

"It was worth to call upon this thing it was necessary to do that," said Hikamat.

No one was hurt.

The items in the package have been turned over to investigators who will look into how it got there and why and if any further action should be done.