"Godless Billboard" Stirs Emotions

Liz Dorland

"Godless Billboard" Stirs Emotions

CREATED Jul. 9, 2012

Omaha, NE -- It's the sign that has thousands talking about their religion or even their lack of religious beliefs.  Have you seen it?  It's sitting on the corner of 72nd and Pacific, the billboard is the first 'Godless Billboard' in Nebraska. 

Thousands pass by it on a given day and everyone we spoke with has an opinion.

Gina Jensen said, "I didn't know there was a club that didn't believe in God."

Emlyn Forsuh added,  "I was raised to believe in god and now someone says they don't believe in god so I don't like it."

"It's free speech right so people can put what ever they want up and I don't know what this club is about but I believe in God," Glen Tonack said.

"We put it up as a beacon to let them know that they're not alone," explained William Newman.

Newman is with Omaha's chapter of United Coalition of Reason and the man behind the sign. 
"The billboard is designed so it's not degenerating anyone's religion. We're not coming out and telling people that there is no God and we're not trying to convert anyone to Atheism," he said.

Newman said the billboard is a simple message for the many who abandon the church or who don't believe in a God  - you are not alone.  In fact Newman says about five hundred people from Nebraska are members.   Newman added, "Traditionally religious people are free to express their views openly so we ought to do the same."

While people we spoke with say yes to free speech they're against the billboards message
Meghan Hart is one of them.  "Everyone own what ever they want to do I guess but it's just going to stir up emotion," she said.

Beginning August,  the sign will face south.  Also in August the 4th Annual Midwest Freethought Conference will be held here in Omaha at UNO.   Newman says his group pays for all the school space and insists no-taxpayers dollars will be used.