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Two Women Stabbed in La Vista Apt. Complex

Two Women Stabbed in La Vista Apt. Complex

By Fatima Rahmatullah. CREATED Mar 23, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 26, 2012

La Vista, NE – A broken lock gave an attacker an easy way into a La Vista apartment building Friday morning.  

La Vista Police arrested 24 year-old Brandon Hendon of Iowa. They say Hendon stabbed two women and got away before policed tracked him down.
Hendon went after his 18 year-old ex-girlfriend and her step-mother inside their apartment about 4:00 a.m. 
Neighbors Jack & Janet woke up to loud noises. They say the broken lock on the building’s front door is a big security problem.
"Big boom boom boom boom down the steps somebody running down the steps,” says Jack.
Hendon attacked his ex-girlfriend and her step-mother in their apartment. He stabbed both women in the chest and neck. 
"It was like a desperate yell or something like there he is there he goes,” says Janet.
That desperate yell came from another member of the family who ran out of the apartment and chased the suspect. 
"Somebody else is running down the stairs hollering STOP STOP or HEY HEY and I jumped to run out,” says Jack.
The apartment building is supposed to be locked. Neighbors say the lock has been broken for at least a week. So anyone can walk right in. 
"They should definitely fix the front door because it does not lock,” says Nicole Gish, another neighbor. 
They will be on edge until that outside lock is fixed. 
Plattsmouth Police arrested Hendon about an hour later. 
The two women were treated and released Friday and are both expected to recover.