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City looks at mandatory training for bartenders

City looks at mandatory training for bartenders

By Fatima Rahmatullah. CREATED Mar 2, 2012

Omaha, NE - Bartenders in Lincoln, may be held accountable for how much you drink. All in an effort to curb liquor violations before they occur.

The proposal would require servers and bartenders to take a mandatory alcohol training class.
The goal? Teach people who serve booze to help stop problems with drinking before they start.  The class would address issues like serving to minors and over-serving someone.
Suzie Dugan with Pride Omaha says many violations happen because servers aren’t able to identify signs of over-drinking.
"Omaha can certainly use this especially just to identify and not to serve minors. We know what a big problem that is alcohol, is the number one cause preventable for young people,” says Dugan. She says Nebraska is one of the top states when it comes to binge drinking.
This training will be about an hour and cost $20.
Lincoln City Council will debate the proposed ordinance in a matter of weeks.