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New 2 You Thrift Shop is Finally Demolished

Emily Szink

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New 2 You Thrift Shop is Finally Demolished

CREATED Aug. 7, 2013

On Wednesday afternoon remnants of New 2 You, the thrift store that once stood at the corner of 42nd and Leavenworth remained.  But, within a few days there will be zero evidence that the building once stood.   

Police say Dustin Hollenbeck was speeding on the night of Friday July 12th and lost control of his vehicle causing it to crash into the thrift store.

The impact of the crash caused the east side of the building to collapse.  Crews got right to work to try and stabilize the building that had a billboard on top of it.  On the 16th the billboard came down, and City Planner Jay Davis said that the demolition of the building would begin a few days later.

Progress has been slow to tear the building down.  According to Anderson Excavation, the demolition crew contracted; there was a problem with getting all the utilities turned off. 

On Tuesday the city gave the okay for the contractors to begin work again after having to stop last week to safely get all the utilities turned off.  Around 10 am Wednesday morning the crew got back to work and Jim Champion, the Owner of Charlie Graham across the street is happy to see the building finally come down.   

“Obviously we are happy to see the equipment show up today again.  A tragedy happened there.  The reality is the building needs to be taken out to get things moving again around here,” said Champion. 

Anderson Excavation said that it will take a few days to get all the rubble removed and a new foundation laid.