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Marjorie Sturgeon

KMTV Contact Us


10714 Mockingbird Drive
Omaha, Nebraska 68127

KMTV Audience Feedback

Email: kmtvsuggestions@jrn.com

CBS Audience Feedback

Phone: 212-975-3247
Email: audsvcs@cbs.com

For a copy of a story you saw on air, contact Universal Information Services, Inc at 402-342-3178 or universal-info.com.

Contact the newsroom

To phone in breaking news stories, call the newsroom at 402-593-2700.

To phone in sports scores, call the sports line at 402-593-2706.

Email: news@action3news.com

Action 3 News Feedback Email: feedback@action3news.com

Action 3 News Website Email: msturgeon@jrn.com

Action 3 News Community Events Email: msturgeon@jrn.com

Closed Captioning

For immediate closed captioning concerns, (e.g., captioning that has become garbled), please contact us at:

Phone: 402-592-9771
Fax: 402-593-2737
Email: bpedersen@jrn.com

Please send written closed captioning concerns of a non-immediate nature to:

Brady Pedersen, Chief Engineer
10714 Mockingbird Drive
Omaha, NE 68127
Phone: 402-593-2759
Fax: 402-593-2737


General contacts


General Manger: Christopher Sehring | csehring@jrn.com

Human Resources: Paula Gustin | pgustin@jrn.com

General Sales Manager: Terry Glaser | tglaser@jrn.com

National Sales Manager: Joseph Borgwardt | jborgwardt@jrn.com

Director of Engineering: Brady Pedersen | bpedersen@jrn.com

News Director: Joe Spadea | jspadea@jrn.com

Public file

Public File Assistance Contact for Persons with Disabilities:
Christopher Sehring VP and General Manager 
Phone: (402) 593-2705 
Fax: (402) 592-9434
Email: csehring@jrn.com

On-line Public File Contact: Audrey Miller | aumiller@jrn.com

On-line Public File https://stations.fcc.gov/station-profile/kmtv-tv or https://stations.fcc.gov