• 41 minutes ago

Man critically injured in Monday night shooting

Paramedics took a man to the hospital in potentially critical condition after someone shot him near a park.

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  • 59 minutes ago

Prosecutor: shooter justified in 99th and Maple death

A man accused of shooting and killing another man last week is out of jail tonight.

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Hundreds light candles to remember 19 year old Zaiid Liwaru

"When 200 people care this much to assemble quickly over somebody who has passed away, at an untimely time, to say at best, that shows how much impact a person who is 19 can have on a community."

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Triple Homicide Investigation At Standstill

Police say witnesses refuse to cooperate and are not providing information needed that will lead to an arrest in the triple homicides on January 24.

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Winter Storm Juno begins causing problems in the Northeast

Several states have already declared a state of emergency.

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