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Jim Flowers Visits the Mueller Planetarium

Lincoln, NE - The biggest planetarium in Nebraska is just a short drive from Omaha. The Mueller Planetarium in Lincoln has been entertaining audiences for more than fifty years.

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Cell Phone Kill Switches By 2015

Some say a kill switch is a great idea, but this agreement does not go far enough.

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Judge Finds Jenkins Guilty of Killing Spree

Douglas County District Court Judge Peter Bataillon accepts Nikko Jenkins' plea of “No Contest” in court on Wednesday, and the judge finds him guilty of four murders committed last summer and eight felony gun charges.

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Omaha Truckers Get Surprise From NSP

Troopers Park Trucks For Safety Violations

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Burglar stares at sleeping baby during break-in

An alleged teen burglar is caught on home surveillance eyeing a sleeping baby after stealing $60 out of a wallet.

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