WATCH: Baby gorilla born via rare C-section


WATCH: Baby gorilla born via rare C-section

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Mar 14, 2014

It’s rare for a zoo animal to be delivered by Caesarean-section, but that’s just what happened at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park on Wednesday after the mother had endured 12 hours of attempted natural labor.

“With gorillas that’s very unusual,” zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons told ABCNews.com about the lengthy labor. “Four hours is long for them.”
The 18-year-old mother, Imani, was sedated and moved to the zoo’s veterinary hospital where the female baby was delivered safely. She weighed 4.6 pounds at birth, and has not yet been named.
“She’s doing well this morning,” said Simmons, adding that Imani is still resting and recovering from the surgery. “We have another gorilla spending time with her so that she has company.”

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