WATCH: Baby Panda sneaks out, caught by mother

WATCH: Baby Panda sneaks out, caught by mother

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Mar 6, 2014

Get ready to feel all warm and fuzzy! Here's your daily dose of cuteness for the day.

Yuan Yuan put her precocious 7-month-old cub to bed and then went outside for a snack. However, her cub, Yuan Zai, wasn't quite ready to settle down just yet.

Watch as Yuan Zai sneaks out into the Taiwan Taipei Zoo and gives the camera a few close-ups as she adorably waddles around, slides and curiously checks in on the zoo workers.

Her zoo adventure is sticky sweet until Yuan Yuan finds out. When caught (at about the three-minute mark in the video above), Yuan Zai tries to slip out of her mother's arms to continue her mischievous fun, but, is finally cradled back to sleep. 

Ready to say it with me? "Awwww!"