Southern accents prove to be most attractive

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Southern accents prove to be most attractive

By Cassie Alsup. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

Who can resist a southern accent? Not many can, according to! surveyed more than 2,000 people, and 36.5 percent all agreed that a southern drawl was the sweetest. Men overwhelmingly agreed, with 45 percent preferring a southern accent, while only 28 percent of women agreed.

All in all, accents are an important part of initial attraction in a relationship.

"Your date's accent may not seem like a vital detail - especially when meeting someone online - but your subconscious reaction when they speak could make or break a relationship," said in a statement about the survey (via Daily Mail). "It seems that when it comes to love, daters are looking for partners who conform to the gender stereotypes of softly-spoken women and tough-talking men."

The accents with the next highest votes were New York with 16.5 percent, western with 13 percent and New England with 10.5 percent.