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Chinese couple allegedly sell baby to buy iPhone

Photo: Image by MGNOnline

Chinese couple allegedly sell baby to buy iPhone

By Stephen L. Betts. CREATED Oct 18, 2013

Police in Shanghai, China, have charged a couple with human trafficking after they allegedly sold their baby daughter to raise money for an iPhone and other luxury items. Identified only as Miss Zhang and Mr. Teng, the young couple reportedly placed anonymous ads in newspapers suggesting they would be willing to part with their then-unborn baby, in exchange for 50,000 yuan (about $8,200), HollywoodLife reports. 

The unemployed couple was charged after accepting money for the infant, who was born at home and was weeks, or possibly just a few months, old when she was sold. After funds were deposited in their bank account, the pair are said to have gone on a shopping spree, with part of the proceeds going toward an iPhone, according to Shanghai’s Jiefang Daily newspaper. Credit card statements allegedly show several other online purchases that took place after the couple traded the child. They allegedly told prosecutors they were acting in their daughter's best interests, hoping to find a home for her with a financially stable family able to provide her with an education and not doing it for monetary gain.

"We did not give the baby away for money but in order to give it more security," they reportedly told officials (quote via Daily Mail). Prosecutors, however, believe the couple's bank records demonstrate a "sinister conspiracy" to profit from the sale of the baby.