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YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE: Outstanding College Tuition Bill


Photo: Video by kmir6.com

YOU ASK. WE INVESTIGATE: Outstanding College Tuition Bill

By Gitzel Puente. CREATED Feb 25, 2014
DESERT HOT SPRINGS - It can be stressful and expensive when it comes to paying college tuition and fees, so some students, like 21-year-old Kenny Kasper, look for ways to reduce those costs.
"They told me that I was eligible for financial aid, and that I would not be receiving any overheads for the financial year that I was with them," said Kasper.
The former student from Desert Hot Springs said promises were broken when he applied to Kaplan College last July.
He and his dad, Craig Kasper, believed tuition would be fully covered for his online courses after they spoke to an admissions representative over the phone.
"They confirmed that to me, like I said, otherwise I would have dismissed it and said hey, it's kind of buyer beware," said Craig.
A few weeks into Kenny's online courses, he received a bill in the mail for $583 in unpaid tuition fees.
"Just before I started my next class, I got the bill, and I wasn't able to log into my account. They locked me out," said Kenny.
Like to all students, the college sent Kenny a letter stating that tuition would exceed $11 thousand and that his financial aid would only cover $10,784.
Then, Kenny said Kaplan discontinued one of his scholarships because his grade point average was too low.
"With that, my bill wouldn't be as high as it is, but I don't think that's the main cause of my problem," said Kenny.
A representative from Kaplan told KMIR on the phone Tuesday evening that a team reviewed Kenny's file and the college decided to dismiss the outstanding bill.
He said he was disappointed that the family had a bad experience with Kaplan and didn't comment any further.