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Workshop Uses Worms to Create Sustainable Compost

Matt Vanderveer

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Workshop Uses Worms to Create Sustainable Compost

CREATED Sep. 21, 2013

PALM SPRINGS - Composting is a way people can recycle their food and yard trash into sustainable fertilizer. Riverside County is pushing more residents do it, so they held a work shop at the Demuth Community Center in Palm Springs to help people get started.

Joseph B. Milligan with Riverside County Waste Management says the less trash in the landfills, the better. "Eventually, they're going to fill up and if we want our kids to have a place to put things and save the planet then we need to keep things out of it,” says Milligan.

Tobbi Goulet and her children are starting a garden in her back yard. She hopes this compost workshop will give her the tools she needs to create a ‘green’ and sustainable garden "It's nice to be able to recycle everything. I hate to just throw things away if it can be used for anything,” says Goulet.

Milligan says there are ways to grow your own food without the use of chemicals and the best part is you can use a simple compost to do it. "If you feed the soil, you can cut down on the amount of chemicals you're putting in there to feed your plant. You feed your soil and let your soil feed the plant. It's healthier, more sustainable and it's chemical free,” says Milligan.

It's the newest thing in compost creation: using worms. You would think this slimy way of composting may stink up the house but the truth is-- there is no odor at all. "There's no odor to it. You can keep your worms under your kitchen counter,” says Milligan.

They say teachers are even using compost stations in the classroom. "The kids start bringing some bananas and apple peels and saving a little bit for the worm bed,” says Milligan.

All you need is a small compost bin-- five cubic feet at the most and some red Wiggler worms--- earth worms won't do. The compost essentially becomes manure that can help grow your garden in a sustainable way. The Wiggler worms procreate every five days so all you need is two to start. “My daughter loves worms, so I am going to have her be in charge of the worm compost,” says Goulet.

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