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Vigil for Man Shot and Killed by Indio PD

Gitzel Puente

Vigil for Man Shot and Killed by Indio PD

CREATED Jul. 18, 2013

 INDIO - Friends and family are gathering Thursday at 8 p.m. outside Autozone on Highway 111 in Indio to remember Ernest Foster, known to them as "Man". They held a small, candlelight vigil to remember the good times they had with Man.

"It's all about my brother, all about him. Remembering him because that's all we can do right now at this point," expressed Lisa Foster with tears in her eyes.

She admits her brother wasn't perfect, but he was a good man.

"I hate that this has happened to him you know. He has three kids. He was 37-years-old," said Lisa.

Foster was shot and killed by an Indio Police officer on July 4. According to authorities, Foster was armed and when police confronted him, he ran away. Then, a pursuit on foot started which led to a confrontation between the officer and Foster. That's when the officer opened fire and killed him. 

"They haven't given us any answers yet. We don't know what's going on with the investigation and they just expect us to carry on like if it was nothing, but my brother was somebody," shared Lisa.

She further expressed that she doesn't believe her brother was armed at the time. A family friend, Natasha Burrell, also feels that there is no evidence to prove he had any weapon with him at the time of the shooting. 

"I just want answers first as to why because the way the situation was brought up, they said they got a 911 call that somebody had a gun," said Burrell, "And I know for sure that in any 911 call, they don't just send only one officer on somebody having a gun."

Also, the family has asked to see Foster's body, but the coroner's office has not released it yet. They had planned to do a funeral for him. Foster's loved ones want closure for his death, but they say there are too many unanswered questions.

Meanwhile, they want to remember him as the kind and nice person they say "Man" was.

"He was just a funny man, anybody who could make anybody laugh," said Burrell.

Riverside Sheriff's Department is currently investigating the shooting and have not released any new information.