Twin Pines Residents Now Return Home

Matt Vanderveer

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Twin Pines Residents Now Return Home

CREATED Aug. 11, 2013

TWIN PINES - Residents are on their way back home to Twin Pines after days of tensely waiting for word they could return and not knowing what to expect. They were able to come home Saturday night at about 9 pm. "I expected a lot of my house to be burnt,” says elderly, yet spry Twin Pines resident Clarence Holland. Luckily for Holland, his home was spared from the flames, though he relives the day the Silver Fire broke out. "You get your valuables and what you can and you put it in the car and you get the hell out. When I left I could see fire out there in back. I could see the flames,” says Holland. Those flames were coming from a couple cabins on his property, right above his house. Those cabins now charred to the ground.


Clarence is now home where he opened back up his small business. He grows tomatoes, peppers and his best-seller: strawberries. "You make them into jams. I make a strawberry jam with jalapenos and habaneras pepper. Both of them," says Holland. He showed KMIR6 around his garden.


His neighbor returned before he did and called to let Holland know his home still stands. "He said it mellowed your fence but it didn't burn your home and I’m going, well, I beat that,” says Holland. He says it’s the fresh mountain air that gives him his good health. "My blood pressure and all that stuff is almost as good as a damn 20 year old,” laughs Holland. And even living through such a devastating experience, his humor is intact. After being asked what he would have done if his house was burnt to the ground— Holland replies, "Well, that's a good question. I probably would have pitched a tent and seen what I could have done."