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The Battle to Save Homes from Silver Fire

Angela Monroe

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The Battle to Save Homes from Silver Fire

CREATED Aug. 9, 2013

 Burned out homes are the aftermath of the fast-moving Silver Fire. 

Lili Arroyo, who lives off Twin Pines Road near Banning, evacuated with her bird Tootsie, and little else.
"This is, I just can't believe it happened again," said Lili.
Lili lost her home years ago, back in the Esperanza Fire.
She doesn't know if the flames devoured her home, yet again.
"I lost everything, and I'm just hoping that my house now is not burned," said Lili.
In Cabazon Thursday, the firefight was still very intense as firefighters battled the blaze by air and by ground.
Homeowners tried to save their property even as the flames drew near.
"I'm watering my roof down you know, I've been up on the roof since about 5 o'clock this morning," said Cabazon resident, Larry Courville.
As we stood by a home in Cabazon, the flames flared up again, firefighters rushed with the hoses, but the fire did catch part of an outbuilding on fire, which firefighter then put out.
"I've been pretty worried, I watched it come over the ridge last night, about one o'clock in the morning it came over the ridge, and I've just been watching it ever since, it came from the top and it just came right down," said Larry.
As the fire moved eastward toward the Coachella Valley, the flames left behind a scorched mountainside.