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Proposal to Create Business in North/South Ends of PS

Matt Vanderveer

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Proposal to Create Business in North/South Ends of PS

CREATED Aug. 3, 2013

PALM SPRINGS - There are still many empty storefronts in downtown Palm Springs, especially on the north and south ends. Minus the bustling central downtown, many shops on the outskirts have closed their doors. The city is hoping to change that with a $1 million dollar incentive plan. It's areas like the NorthGate Shopping Center in North Palm Springs that have vacant shops and empty parking spaces.  "Obviously, the north end in particular has been struggling for years and years,” says owner of Modern Home Design Mark Davis.


The city hopes to attract more business to the area with the new program that would include tax incentives and help improve building facades, among other things. Davis says his store has been in the NorthGate struggling location for eight years-- one of only a handful of stores still open. "We've survived on word of mouth but it could be amazing if the city could get some other like businesses in the center here; more of a design center, sort of like the middle of town is,” says Davis. He says central downtown has it all in walking distance. "We would love to see a coffee shop, there’s no coffee shop besides Koffi which is north of Alejo. No place to get a sandwich or anything like that,” says Davis.


Davis says the aesthetics of a building  are important but it's going to take a bit more dough to change the scenery. "You know it's going to take a lot more than $1 million to alter the aesthetic of this entire center,” says Davis. While he says the $1 million will help, at the end of the day, it’s about one thing. "The owners of the center need to make the rent attractive enough so people will come and take a chance to be here,” says Davis.


The Palm Springs City Coucil will reconvene on September 4th where they will likely vote on the proposal.