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Possible Credit Card Security Breach at the DMV


Photo: Video by kmir6.com

Possible Credit Card Security Breach at the DMV

By Gitzel Puente. CREATED Mar 24, 2014
CALIFORNIA - State and federal law enforcement officials are investigating a possible security breach within the Califonia Department of Motor Vehicles' credit card processing services.
A DMV spokesperson in Sacramento released a statement Saturday saying there is no evidence of a direct breach of the department's computer system, but they're taking precautionary steps.
The department is advising anyone who made payments using a credit card to check balance statements for any fraudulent activity. If there is any, contact your credit card company immediately.
While there is no evidence at this time of any hacking, some Valley residents are concerned.
"It is serious because you just don't trust anywhere you go and use your card, you are worried somebody is going to hack you and steal your money," says Juan Torres from La Quinta.
Some residents say they stick with cash when making payments at the DMV.
"I pay cash just because of the fact that there is stuff that goes on like that," says Diana Meza from Indio.
Others go as far as saying they don't use credit cards at all for fear of stolen financial information.
"For me, it's safer to pay with cash because you don't have to worry about fraudulent activity and anyone stealing your identity," says Sergio Alvarez from Indio.
This potential breach comes three months after Target's credit card system was hacked. It impacted nearly 40 million people.
It's a scenario the DMV wants to avoid, and a spokesperson says if any customers are affected, the department would contact them immediately.
The DMV has implemented "heightened monitoring of all DMV website traffic and credit card transaction."
Customers can continue to pay with check, cash or money order in person at DMV offices. For information on identity theft, visit the department's website.