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New Proposals for Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

Gitzel Puente

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New Proposals for Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

CREATED Oct. 9, 2013

PALM SPRINGS - Several dozen people gathered Wednesday afternoon at a public forum at Palm Springs City Hall to discuss possible changes to the current vacation rental home ordinance.

"As the number of rentals has increased, the number of complaints has also started to go up, and most of those complaints have centered around the issue of noise, people partying much too late into the evening," explained Lisa Middleton, a member of the Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee (PSNIC) work group.
The work group of eight members, including Middleton, crafted the draft of recommendations to the ordinance and presented them at the public forum. There are two major suggestions, including the age required to rent a home.
"There is a recommendation we make that the minimum age of at least one member of a party be 25 years or older. We want there to be a mature individual within a home," said Middleton.
The majority of the people at the forum were in favor of this, saying that increasing the age from 18 to 25 years would reduce the noise levels and parties at vacation homes. Most big rental agencies in the Valley, like Oranj Palm Vacation Homes, already rent to 25-year-old people or older.
While the General Manager of Oranj Palm said his agency won't be affected among many others, the potential change in the ordinance could affect individual rental home owners.
"It could possibly adversely lose some rentals to 18 year olds, but I think someone responsible in charge of a real estate property is a good thing and having someone of 25 is good for the industry too," expressed Thomas Salinas.
Another major change would be to increase the fees for a vacation rental permit from $60 to $150. 
"The purpose of that is to provide adequate funding for the resources that the city needs to effectively enforce the policies and the ordinance that we have," said Middleton.
She added that the work group would take into consideration the concerns expressed by the forum participants, and then they would revise the draft and present it to the PSNIC for approval. If it's approved, the next step would be to send it to City Council for a vote, but Middleton said this could take several months.
"If you're going to involve everyone, it takes time to make sure that everybody gets a chance to have their voiced heard," concluded Middleton.