Mountain Fire: Some Residents Evacuate, Some Stay

Angela Monroe

Mountain Fire: Some Residents Evacuate, Some Stay

CREATED Jul. 19, 2013

Firefighters are attacking the Mountain Fire with thousands of boots on the ground, and a fleet in the air.

We found Edwin Reed, owner of Knotty Pines Cabins, still in Idyllwild, monitoring the fire over the scanner.

"On edge a little bit, we've been here for about fifty years, and been through a couple fires," said Edwin.

Overnight, embers started falling around his home.

"It's scary because it started way south and it keeps going all the way around the mountain here, so we're hoping it doesn't encompass us right here," said Edwin.

Doug Ashcraft, Head of School at Idyllwild Arts, already had to evacuate Idyllwild Arts School, now he's leaving his home in Pine Cove.

"It's voluntary for now, I don't know if they'll make it mandatory or not, you know if they ask us to go, I'm going to go," said Doug.

Some residents near Apple Canyon returned home, while others could not.

To save homes, firefighters are trying to complete 36 miles of line around the fire and protect the mountain community.

"On the western flank we have the town of Idyllwild and also the town of Pine Cove and that there with the life and property being threatened in those towns, that makes it the national priority," said Brian Grant with the US Forest Service.

After half a century here in Idyllwild, Edwin doesn't want to leave, but is ready.

"We're ready to go if the ashes start falling again, we're ready to leave when it's time," said Edwin.