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Going into Day Three of Government Shutdown

Matt Vanderveer

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Going into Day Three of Government Shutdown

CREATED Oct. 2, 2013

WASHINGTON D.C. - Tomorrow will be day three of the partial federal government shutdown and talks at the White House Wednesday night failed to end the stalemate. Congressional leaders headed to the White House for the first talks since the shutdown-- but they left with no deal.

“The president reiterated one more time tonight that he is not willing to negotiate,” says Speaker of the House John Boehner. Not until Republicans agree to end the shutdown with no strings attached said Mr. Obama and told CNBC's John Harwood he's exasperated. “John Boehner right now has not been willing to say no to a faction of the republican party that are willing to burn the house down because of an obsession over my health care initiative,” says President Obama.

Desperate cancer patients today got turned away from National Institutes of Health (NIH), angering democrats. “Why is it closed? Some national emergency, some disaster, some crisis? No. A manufactured political temper tantrum,” says Sen. Dick Durbin.

House republicans voted tonight to fund and reopen NIH, national parks and D.C. museums. They demanded democrats go along. “We ought to be working as hard as we can to open up the government in all the areas we agree on,” says Rep. Eric Cantor.

But democrats are taking their lead from Barack Obama's hardline. “The President of the United States was very strong, strong. Very strong,” says Sen. Harry Reid. Democrats say no deals until all of government gets funded including The Affordable Care Act.