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Finding KMIR & KPSE Over-The-Air and on Valley TV Providers

Finding KMIR & KPSE Over-The-Air and on Valley TV Providers

By David Reese. CREATED Sep 21, 2013


If you watch KMIR in High Definition (HD) channel 606, nothing has changed--you will find it right where it always has been. 
If you watch KMIR in Standard Definition (SD), you should know that Time Warner changed our channel assignment.  You will find KMIR (SD) on channel 13 now rather than channel 6.   (In case you are wondering why the channel change, Time Warner sold channel 6 to The Game Show Network.)
You can see all your favorite NBC shows, like Sunday Night Football, The Voice, and all the other new season shows on NBC including The Blacklist and others on Time Warner cable. Make sure you catch all the new season premieres starting starting tonight! 
KPSE--also known as My13, THE KING OF PALM SPRINGS ENTERTAINMENT-- is also back on Time Warner cable.  KPSE is now seen on Time Warner cable channel 20.  There is no High Definition channel yet for KPSE.  
Note:  You currently MUST have a cable box to see KPSE on channel 20.  If you don't have a cable box, you will need to contact Time Warner and urge them to carry KPSE fully on "Analog Channel 20 so you won't have to get a cable box.  It is Time Warner's choice.  
With KPSE back on Time Warner cable, this is a great time for you to enjoy watching the Emmy Award winning popular comedy MODERN FAMILY 5 NIGHTS A WEEKS AT 6:00-7PM along with your favorites TWO AND A HALF MEN (5-6PM) AND THE BIG BANG THEORY (7-8PM) are there too!
Remember: KMIR HD, the High Definition channel, can be seen on Time Warner channel 606--right where it has always been. 
Those of you watching KMIR on Verizon FiOS, DirecTV or Dish Network will see us at the same place as always on your lineups and, of course, those of you watching KMIR via an over-the-air antenna will be unaffected by this change,
It is great to be back in your home!  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this blackout by Time Warner Cable has caused.
I want to thank you for your loyalty and patience during this difficult blackout by Time Warner and hope you will find KMIR on Time Warner channel 13 (SD) or 606 (HD) and KPSE on channel 20 (if you have a cable box).
Thank you!