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Erratic Driver Leads to Burglary Arrests

Angela Monroe

Erratic Driver Leads to Burglary Arrests

CREATED Jul. 26, 2013

 What began as a traffic stop ended with the break up of a burglary in progress. 

It started when a Cathedral City Police officer saw a woman driving erratically near Highway 111. 
As the officer prepared to stop her, she jumped out of the vehicle and told him someone was breaking into her home on Kenwood Drive and her teenage son was hiding in the house.
Police rushed to the home, and three men are now in jail.
Police say they found two of them burglarizing the home, and one in a getaway car.
Millie has lived in the Cathedral City neighborhood for 22 years.
She says now it's scary to even walk out the front door.
"It's terrifying, this was a good neighborhood when we moved in here, it was brand new. And now it's scary to even go outside at night, because you're not sure what's going to be out there," said Millie.
One night, Millie caught someone stealing gas from her car.
Will Goss has an even more frightening story from three months ago.
"I was sitting in my garage watching television, smoking a cigarette, and this punk comes on the car with his shirt over his face, racks his gun on me," said Will.
The most surprising part may be Will's reaction.
"Racked his gun, nothing came out of it, nothing went in it, so I just told him, I've got nada, get out of here. That was it, he left," said Will.
In Wednesday's burglary, police arrested Christian Ramirez, Ernesto Placencia and Armando Rosales for burglary, possession of stolen property and conspiracy to commit a felony.
The next day officers served search warrants at several other locations and recovered some other stolen property.
They believe the suspects are connected to at least half a dozen other burglaries or attempted burglaries in Cathedral City.
Neighbors hope to see less crime around their homes.
"More neighbors keeping an eye on one another, and the government giving police a little more money so we have a little more officers on the road," said Millie.
The good news is that the teenage boy who was hiding in the home while this went down was not hurt.
Meantime, Cathedral City Police remind us to call them immediately if there is a crime in progress.