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Crash Causes Power Outage in Palm Springs

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Crash Causes Power Outage in Palm Springs

CREATED Oct. 3, 2013

PALM SPRINGS -- Thursday was a day without power for residents in one Palm Springs neighborhood after a morning car crash.

Southern California Edison says hundreds of customers lost power beginning about 3:30am after a car knocked over a power pole in the area of Alejo Road and Sunrise Way.

Nearly 1,000 people lost power.

Police say the driver of the car that crashed didn't have major injuries, and has not been arrested or cited.

But that crash left many without electricity all day.

Steven Glogger now has practice opening his garage with the emergency lever after the power outage locked his car inside.

"We were supposed to take the car to the dealer for servicing this morning and we couldn't get the garage door open. By the time we figured out how to get it open manually, it was too late," said Steven.

The lights went out at 3:30 in the morning.

"Everything went out at once, it was like a pop and everything was out," said Steven.

Susan Mcauley returned home with her luggage to find the apartment complex in the dark.

"Everything is out, the power is out and that includes the air conditioning and the refrigerator. And so we were kind of curious how that went," said Susan.

Southern California Edison crews replaced the power pole after a vehicle crashed into it in the morning, plunging hundreds of customers into the dark.

"This pole just happens to be a pole that handles more than one circuit, so therefore there was more customers out," said Nina McCullough with Southern California Edison.

While crews worked to replace the power pole, other Edison employees went door to door.

"Notifying any senior customer who is on a baseline or CARE program, they're notifying them of a timeline of restoration and just verifying field checks on those customers," said McCullough.

Meanwhile, people are finding ways to escape the power outage.

"We're going to go out to dinner, and just try not to open the refrigerator for a while," said Susan.

Steven says the power outage reminds people of how much we rely on electricity every day.

"Without TV, without lights, without coffee maker, microwave, stove, refrigerator, you have to change almost everything," said Steven.

Power was plugged back in for about half of those affected by noon Thursday.

Nearly 500 people still have no power as of 6:00pm Thursday, it's not expected to be back on until 11pm.

SoCal Edison reminds all of us that with the high winds headed our way, if you see a downed power line stay clear of it and call 9-1-1.