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Journal Broadcast Group stations return to Time Warner Cable

James Kust

Journal Broadcast Group stations return to Time Warner Cable

CREATED Sep. 20, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Journal Broadcast Group today announced it has reached a new long-term retransmission consent agreement for television carriage of Journal stations for Time Warner Cable customers in Milwaukee, Green Bay/Appleton, Omaha, Nashville and Palm Springs DMA markets. Journal Broadcast Group stations in Milwaukee, Green Bay/Appleton, Omaha and Palm Springs will return to the Time Warner Cable line-up later today. 

“This is the result we were working so hard to achieve. It was essential for us to receive fair market value for our products and services so that we can continue to invest in the high-quality local and network programming our viewers deserve,” said Andre Fernandez, President and CFO of Journal Communications.

“We’re very happy that all our viewers and customers can again receive our award-winning local newscasts, network programming and community service initiatives,” Fernandez added. “We’re pleased that Time Warner subscribers will again be able to see NFL Sunday Night Football, ‘The Voice,’ and the rest of the NBC/CBS new fall seasons. The agreement also guarantees they will have access to special programming, such as the 2015 Super Bowl and the next two Olympic games.”

Journal Broadcast Group retains control of “TV Everywhere” rights for live network program streaming to smart phones, tablets and computers.

“We’d like to thank our audience and advertisers for their patience and support during what has been a challenging time,” Fernandez said.

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