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A New Look At President Eisenhower

George Severson

A New Look At President Eisenhower

CREATED Feb. 9, 2013

PALM DESERT - Author and Princeton professor Evan Thomas visited the Coachella Valley recently for a public discussion about his recent biography Ike's Bluff: President Eisenhower's Secret Battle to Save the World.

"Having done as much as any man to win World War II, Ike devoted the rest of his public service to keeping America and the world out of World War III," asserts Thomas. "His ability to save the world from nuclear Armageddon entirely depended on his ability to convince America's enemies - and his followers - that he was willing to use nuclear weapons. This was a bluff of epic proportions."

Thomas sat down with KMIR6's Gino LaMont to review this account of the Eisenhower presidential years (1953-61) and to discuss the President's retirement years spent partially here in the Coachella Valley.