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Police Looking for Killer in Indio

Adrianna Weingold

Police Looking for Killer in Indio

CREATED Nov. 1, 2012

INDIO-- One man is dead after a shooting at a Halloween party.  It happened just before 3am Thursday morning in North Indio. The victim hasn't been identified yet and neither has the killer. 

Investigators were on scene for at least 12 hours looking for clues. Neighbors say they heard a single, but the gunfire and subsequent death didn't seem to suprise anyone we spoke with.
"There's shootings almost every day. It's really nothing new," said neighbor Abel Valladolid.
Up and down the block most residents were too afraid to go on camera, but they told me the neighborhood has grown increasingly violent.
"I heard shots sunday night but last night I didn't hear anything," said neighbor Esteban Calderon.
The man was shot on the corner of Kenner Street and Deglet Noor Street in Indio. The home is covered in fake police tape and other decorations from a Halloween party turned deadly. 
"We don't know what led into it but we do know that they all know each other," said Indio Police Department Spokesman Ben Guitron.
The victim was taken to the hospital before police arrived. He died a short time later. 
Across the street Esteban Calderon says strangers knock on his door at all hours of the night and he doesn't feel safe.
"Fights like this in between families is all I really see around here," Calderon said. "Yeah there are times that people shoot in the air like in any other party when they drink, but that's about as far as it goes."
Police are still looking for a weapon and the killer is still on the loose.
If you have any information about the Halloween shooting you're asked to call Indio police.
--Adrianna Weingold