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Halloween Safety Tips

Angela Monroe

Halloween Safety Tips

CREATED Oct. 30, 2012

Wednesday night neighborhoods across the valley will be invaded by little ghosts, pirates and princesses.
And with so many kids trick-or-treating door-to-door, police are passing along life-saving tips.

Police say trick-or-treaters should stay in their home neighborhoods, wear reflective clothing and be accompanied by a guardian.
It's a fun night for kids, but also one that can turn dangerous.

Alyssa just finished shopping for her costume and is ready for Halloween.
"The best part of Halloween is you get to trick or treat and get so much candy!" said Alyssa.
Her mom, Flori, is always at her side.
"Just kind of be with them throughout the trick-or-treating process, make sure to go up to the doors with them," said Flori, an Indio resident.
And Indio resident, Trina, is careful which doors her children knock on.
"Just let them go to people's houses that we know, the church, their grandparents and friends of ours," said Trina.
Indio Police recommend anyone up to the age of 14 be with a guardian.
"Obviously if they're tiny tots, or they're elementary school children of age, they still should have somebody watching over them," said Ben Guitron with the Indio Police Department.
Also wear reflective clothing or carry a glow-in-the dark jack-o-lantern and a flashlight.
Police say drivers need to watch carefully for children in the streets.
"We'll have extra people out and about in the community, making sure that everybody obeys the traffic laws, making sure the drivers are being careful, making sure the pedestrians are careful," said Guitron.
Volunteers for the police department -- Citizens on Patrol -- will also be driving the streets and giving out candy to children.
And a message to kids from police: don't eat that candy yet, bring it home first.
"They should go home, lay it out on the kitchen table, make some good judgment, if it doesn't seem right or look right, then discard it," said Guitron.
So stay safe, and happy Halloween!