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Gun Buyback in Coachella

Gun Buyback in Coachella

By Angela Monroe. CREATED Oct 26, 2012

The city of Coachella is trying to get guns off the streets by buying them from the owners.
Coachella is holding its first ever gun buyback program with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Saturday.

For every gun you turn in, the city will give you a 50 dollar American Express gift card.
And they have a lot of those certificates, hoping to remove guns from the community.
Officers showed us guns from evidence seized from crimes the sheriff's department investigated in the valley -- from tiny 22's, to large sniper rifles.
"Violent crime in the city of Coachella is a concern, we, the Coachella Police Department does respond annually to shootings and robberies within the city limits," said Captain Andrew Shouse with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.
So as an incentive, the city is buying back guns for 50 dollar gift cards.
"Encourage them to turn in their guns so that one less gun on the streets is one less opportunity for a violent crime with a gun to occur in our communities," said Coachella Mayor, Eduardo Garcia.
So police will be at the Coachella Public Works Yard on Enterprise Way Saturday from 10am to 2pm.
You will be given a receipt, the gift card, and the guns will be processed for destruction.
"We're hopeful that by removing some guns from the community that we'll have the ability to sort of impact crime in the future and hopefully prevent a tragic incident from taking place," said Captain Shouse.
Though he sells firearms at Guns of Distinction, President Mark Wasserkrug is advertising the gun buyback in Coachella on his countertop.
"I'm a believer that there's guns on the street that shouldn't even be there, and these what I would call on the most part junk guns, these are little guns that we would normally call Saturday Night Specials, they show up in crime everywhere, they're easy to find, people unfortunately don't know the laws on how to liquidate a gun," said Wasserkrug.
And Wasserkrug says these buybacks give owners a great opportunity to get rid of their guns, and still get the bang for their buck.
Other cities like Palm Springs and Cathedral City have held these gun buybacks, successfully bringing in over 100 guns.
Once again the buyback is from 10am to 2pm at the Coachella Public Works Yard at 53462 Enterprise Way in Coachella.
The gun must be working and unloaded.