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Personalized Pricing for Food

Ben Schenk

Personalized Pricing for Food

CREATED Oct. 24, 2012

There's a sale in Aisle 3 and it's exclusive to you! Think of it as the next generation of loyalty card savings: personalized pricing! A growing number of national grocery chains are now offeringcustom discounts tailored to your tastes. These exclusive offers can be deeper than in-store discounts, and are determined based on info mined from your loyalty card: your zip code, shopping history, favorite products, and more! Shoppers can find them via traditional mailings, e-mail, even smart phone applications and handheld grocery scanners. While personalized pricing raises the issue of privacy concerns, the grocers we spoke to say shoppers are free to opt out at any time. Find out how you can score these special savings…and take a bite out of your grocery bill!