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Great California Shakeout at Cathedral City H.S.

Angela Monroe

Great California Shakeout at Cathedral City H.S.

CREATED Oct. 18, 2012

Did you feel it?
Probably not, because the Great California Shakeout is just a drill to prepare people for a real earthquake.
In California, more than nine million people signed up to take part in the simulated earthquake drill.
At Cathedral City High School, thousands of students took it a step farther than drop, cover and hold on.

Students quickly drop under their desks when the alarm goes off.
After the earthquake is over, thousands of teens evacuate the school.
It's only a drill but feels pretty real to students.
"It's a good experience, it better prepares us for an actual situation with an earthquake and you never know when it could happen," said sophomore Tristan Lee.
Teams of teachers search the classrooms making sure everyone is out, and looking for anyone who may have been injured.
"Scary, confusing," is how freshman Ana Gonzalez described the drill.
And Ana says this experience will encourage her to be prepared at home too.
"We do prepare but not specifically, but I think now we will."
Riverside County Fire Office of Emergency Services says if an earthquake hits while you are on the road slow down, move over to the right, and stop.
"When you do pull over you don't want to be near any buildings or trees or power lines that could possibly fall on you," said emergency services coordinator, Eric Cadden.
If you are inside a home or a building, stay inside.
"Get underneath that table, and if you're in bed, stay in bed, you can use a pillow, cover up your head, but don't ever run out because that's where people get hurt and killed mostly because of falling debris," said Cadden.
And if you are outside, say on a street.
"Drop cover and hold on, and cover your head up too," said Cadden.
Back at Cathedral City High, teachers say preparing for the worst makes sure they are best prepared to protect thousands of students.
"When you think about the number of bodies that are here and the souls and the children and the family that are represented here it's an awesome responsibility to make sure that we get this right, when we do this drill," said Cathedral City H.S. director of bands, Gregg Whitmore.
The drill is done as students return to class, but a lesson has been learned.