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Preparing for Disaster

Angela Monroe

Preparing for Disaster

CREATED Oct. 18, 2012

The Great California Shakeout is reminding people to get prepared in the event of a massive earthquake or other disaster.
At 10:18 Thursday morning, millions of people in California dropped, took cover and held on.
Experts say people need to be prepared before a huge earthquake strikes.

"It's not a matter of if, it's when," said emergency services coordinator, Eric Cadden, with Riverside County Fire Office of Emergency Services.
There is no date set for that massive earthquake, but you can be ready.
"Have a disaster plan, know what to do in case of an earthquake, know what to do if there is a fire, have that plan for your business and for your home," said Cadden.
General manager, Dave, at Off The Grid: Survival Supply says he can help you make that disaster plan.
"Being prepared for an earthquake is like having car insurance, we have it, we hope we don't use it, but if we need it, we're going to be glad it's there."
You need three basic things.
One, stay warm with a thermal blanket.
Two - a big one in the desert - a water supply.
"Water is one gallon a day per person and I tell people plan for thirty days," said Dave.
Number three, a thirty day supply of food, which Dave says you can do in-expensively
"Rice and beans, corn, get the grinder, go to you know the basics."
Besides your home, experts recommend a survival kit for your car, work or to send with your kids to school.
"It's got your basics, it's got the water, it's got the food, it's got the no battery operated flashlight, the survival whistle, a small first aid kit, am/fm radio," said Dave.
Another interesting trend in disaster preparedness is that many people are stocking up on gold and silver to use for trading if the economy crashes.
"A lot of people who are preparing for the worst are buying a lot of silver right now, you know it's little more cost effective to have a lot of silver on hand as opposed to a couple gold coins," said Out of the Box Gold Store general manager, Ernie Baca.
Riverside County Fire Department encourages people to take CERT classes - Community Emergency Response Team - where you learn how to prepare for a disaster.
"You actually get free equipment, you're going to get a helmet, goggles, gloves and some tools that will actually help you start with your disaster preparedness kit," said Cadden.
The lesson of the day, plan ahead.
CERT classes are free and offered by fire departments throughout Riverside County.