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Riverside County Sheriff's Looking for Female Recruits

Adrianna Weingold

Riverside County Sheriff's Looking for Female Recruits

CREATED Oct. 17, 2012

RIVERSIDE—There was no shortage of recruits at the Ben Clark Training Center in Riverside. Hundreds of people turned out for the chance to become a Riverside County Sheriff, but only a handful of women. 

Audra Hay is the only woman in her group to make it to the mile and a half run and finish under 14 minutes.

“It was a little motivating or a little intimidating that I was the only female who came out of my group with all these males out of the push-ups and sit-ups,” fitness test participant Audra Hay said.

To pass the physical exam recruits have to complete 22 full push-ups and 27 sit-ups before running a mile and a half in under 14 minutes.

Not everyone walked away victorious. Leandra Gossett passed the written exam about a month ago, but fell short on the physical side. 

“Push-ups, I managed only 4 but I know with training I'll get it,” Gossett said. “It just takes time.”

It's a physical test that many women shy away from. Only 9.8 percent of sworn officers are female.

“I don't think that women understand that there's an opportunity for them in law enforcement,” Lieutenant Cheryl Evans said. “I don't think they understand that they have the ability to do this job.”

The department is looking at hiring between 600 and 800 new Sheriff’s Deputies in the coming years.

Salary can reach up to $66,000 a year plus benefits.   

“It's very difficult to become a peace officer in this state,” Sheriff Stan Sniff said. “The requirements, both physical and academic, are very high and some people are just not cut out for it.”

Those who do make it through the physical test move on to the next phase, and are one step closer to wearing the badge. 

“It feels awesome,” said fitness test participant Liedy Holguim. “I practice pretty much every day. Running and running and running, so I feel good.”

 Another challenge coming up on November 3rd. The Women’s Fitness Challenge is open to all women 18 years of age and older who are interested in applying for a Deputy Sheriff Trainee or Correctional Deputy Position.


Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

Women’s Fitness Challenge

November 3, 2012


Registration starts at 7am

Ben Clark Training Center

16930 Bundy Avenue

Riverside, CA 92518

 --Adrianna Weingold