Locals Reaction to Second Presidential Debate

Angela Monroe

Locals Reaction to Second Presidential Debate

CREATED Oct. 16, 2012

Right here in the Coachella Valley, local Republicans and Democrats were glued to their TVs for the second debate in the presidential race.
It was definitely a very different debate than the first one between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney.
And Coachella Valley residents cheered and jeered at two local viewing parties as the candidates made their arguments on stage.

One thing both local Democrats and Republicans can agree on, is it was a strong debate.
"I think they both have their game on tonight, they are both really on high form, and it's a very lively debate," said Sue Ferguson, president of the Palm Springs Republican Women Federated.
"Barack is back, I'm so excited about what happened tonight, quite honestly, it was a good debate," said Elle Kurpiewski of Democrats of the Desert.
So we asked voters in both camps what topics struck them during this second debate.
"I think the energy policy issues, and I think immigration, I tend to believe we need long term solutions, that there are no quick fixes, and one of the things I like about Obama is he is a long term thinker," said Susan Moeller, with Democrats of the Desert.
Palm Springs business owner, Leslie Dunn said, "I see more taxes, there are just so many things that I see that have actually effected my business, so and seeing that Mitt Romney has created business, I just feel 110 percent."
"Probably the education one, because I am trying to do some college right now, and I need to get a job," said Brennan Betzer, and undecided California voter.
President Obama and Governor Romney's comments on domestic oil production struck a chord locally.
"The President said no actually we have actually as it turns out given more permits than the previous administration, and he was an oil man," said Kurpiewski.
"We are producing much less, I've looked on several websites, several different citing, and Romney is correct," said Ferguson.
So what will it take to swing the as-yet undecided voters?
"Probably for someone to actually lay out a plan that is more than just saying we're going to do this, this and this, I want to know how they are going to do it," said Betzer.
The third and final presidential debate is Monday, October 22nd.
The topic is foreign policy and will be aired at 6PM Pacific Time.