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Dramatic Hiker Rescue in Palm Desert

Adrianna Weingold

Dramatic Hiker Rescue in Palm Desert

CREATED Oct. 15, 2012

PALM DESERT--A hiker on the Bump and Grind Trail is in stable condition after rescue crews airlifted her to the hospital Monday afternoon.

The woman collapsed from dehydration around noon. Now Cal Fire is asking everyone to take take extra precautions to stay safe especially when exercising outside.
The heat seemed to get the best of a young woman hiking alone on the Bump and Grind Trail. She collapsed from dehydration less than two miles up the trail and had to be airlifted to safety.
"She just didn't prepare properly for this hike and that means plenty of water, cool clothing, hat, shade, everything that they need to be able to endure the hike of the trails out here," Cal Fire Captain Scott Visyak said. 
The rescue drew quite the crowd. Employees at the shopping center across the street watched from the roof. Others fresh off the mountain stuck around to see if their fellow hiker was OK.
"You've got some of the regulars like Maile and stuff that are up there and people who are walking it all the time and you've got to hope for the best," Palm Desert resident Dan Pacific said.
Luckily someone did see the distressed woman and called for help. Rescue teams made the short one and a half mile trek to the hiker who initially set out alone. Temperatures were too hot to carry her down, so they waited for a chopper instead.
"I was sweating up a storm but I brought water with me," Palm Desert resident Ricky Rodriguez said. "Listen to your body but some people push themselves just trying to get down the hill and they don't have water and it's real easy to get dehydrated up there really fast."
Cal Fire says water is the most important thing to bring to the mountain. They suggest drinking a liter of water every half an hour. Maile Nelson has been hiking and biking the Bump and Grind for more than a decade and says most people come unprepared.
"I didn't see anyone carrying water and that always surprises me to go on these goat trails, these mountain trails and not have water," said bicyclist Maile Nelson.
The helicopter was able to land on the trail and get the woman off the mountain safely.
--Adrianna Weingold