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Local Reaction to the Vice Presidential Debate

Thalia Hayden

Local Reaction to the Vice Presidential Debate

CREATED Oct. 11, 2012

COCHELLA VALLEY--  Local democrats and republicans who watched Wednesday's debate had mixed reactions on the performance of the presidential candidates' running mates.

While republicans gathered at the Roadhouse in Palm Springs for their Vice Presidential Debate viewing party, democrats were glued to the big screen at the Date Palm Country Club in Cathedral City.


"Vice President Biden really challenged Paul Ryan on the facts, and I think we actually saw more of a debate tonight," says Democrat Greg Rodriguez.

"I think Ryan is doing a great job. Every time Biden has that silly grin, I think he's feeling uncomfortable," says Republican Valerie Virtue.

The next presidential debate will take place on Tuesday at 9pm. This one will be held in a town meeting format, and will focus on foreign and domestic policy.