Record Number of Registered Voters in Riverside County

Angela Monroe

Record Number of Registered Voters in Riverside County

CREATED Oct. 9, 2012

We are four weeks away from the general election, and we have new details about voter turnout here in the desert.
There are more voters registered in Riverside County than ever before -- a record 900,000 people are signed up to vote.
Tuesday was the first day of early voting at the registrar's office in Riverside, and there are other important deadlines you need to know.

 It looks like Election Day 2012 could be record-breaking in Riverside County, so the Registrar of Voters is beefing up staffing and hours, adding a night shift.
"We will be working around the clock to ensure the votes are processed as quickly as possible," said Riverside County Registrar of Voters, Kari Verjil.
There's already more than 100 people working on election business, and new recruits ready to go on election night.
"For this election we are using sheriff's to help us shuttle ballots on election night," said Verjil.
Keep an eye on your mailbox for your voter information guide - it's a thick one this year, packed with information to help you be an informed voter.
"This year we have a two card ballot, and voting will be more time consuming, so I again encourage voters to study the material, mark that ballot ahead of time, and we will also have early voting the last week in October so I'd like to encourage voters to get out an vote early if possible at one of our mall locations," said Verjil.
Here are some important deadlines for you.
October 22nd is the last day to register to vote..
October 30th is the last day the registrar can accept mailed requests for vote-by mail ballots.
October 31st is the recommended last day to mail your ballot locally.
And new this year, you can register to vote on-line.
"We've had over 15-thousand voters that have either registered to vote on line or updated their voter registration on-line, so it's easier than ever to register to vote," said Verjil.
Here in Riverside County starting Tuesday, a record number of 465,000 and vote-by-mail ballots will be sent.
If you haven't received your vote-by-mail ballot by October 30th, call the registrar's office at (951) 486-7200.