Demolition Plans On Hold for Iconic Fire Damaged Restaurant

George Severson

Demolition Plans On Hold for Iconic Fire Damaged Restaurant

CREATED Sep. 24, 2012

RANCHO MIRAGE - Plans to tear down the remains of a fire ravaged restaurant in Rancho Mirage are on hold, pending the outcome of a public hearing on the structure's fate.

City officials tells KMIR6 the demolition permit for GG's Island Restaurant, 69934 Highway 111, is suspended for at least two to three weeks. The building was destroyed by fire on January 10, 2012. The fire is still under investigation, according to Riverside County Fire.

In June, a city building and code enforcement officer declared the building a safety hazard and nuisance and requested the owners of the building move to demolish the remains.

A demolition permit was issued in last August to the property owners, Wessman Development Company. A local preservation group, The Palm Springs Modern Committee, appealed the demolition, saying the building may still be restored.

Rancho Mirage city leaders say a public hearing will be scheduled within two to three weeks for the two sides to debate the future of the building.

The building, designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg back in the 1970s, is unique due to being partially built into the side of hill.