Public Speaks Up over Millions of Anti-Pollution Dollars

Jessica Flores

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Public Speaks Up over Millions of Anti-Pollution Dollars

CREATED Jul. 31, 2012

CATHEDRAL CITY- The public got to weigh in on where millions of dollars to fund anti-pollution projects should go, at a workshop in Cathedral City today.

If you've ever registered a vehicle, you've paid a four dollar fee. That money goes to the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC)- which determines what clean air projects to help fund. The MSRC is now deciding where fourteen million dollars will go next year.

Sand is a primary source for pollution in the Coachella Valley. When sands blows onto the road, cars pass over it, grind it up into smaller particles, which is then released back into the air. MSRC has helped fund projects like street sweepers and wind fences, to fight the sand pollution.

"If you are exposed to it it can have some long term health consequences so reducing that blow sand and that road dusts is very important for this region," said Ray Gorski, an advisor to the MSRC.

Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.