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Thermal Community Gets Clean Water from Pipeline

Angela Monroe

Thermal Community Gets Clean Water from Pipeline

CREATED Jul. 26, 2012

THERMAL - Imagine life without a safe supply of water.
It is what residents of an east valley mobile home park have been living with, until now.
Residents of the Sunbird Mobile Home Park no longer have to fear high arsenic levels in their water and be forced to buy bottled water.
On Thursday, that mobile home park in Thermal was connected to a safe water supply.

Sunbird Mobile Home Park resident, Monica Ayala, no longer has to worry what's in her water.
"When it came from the well we always had problems with the water being contaminated, we could not enjoy it at all," said Ayala.
Before, residents had to buy clean drinking water.
"It is better for all of us that live here, now we can drink better water and before we could not. We had to filter or buy water," said resident, Antonio Calleja.
Julio Pereira just moved in and is glad the water problem is fixed.
"It's not good because I heard word that the water is bad here and now they put in pipework and there's going to be good water now," said Pereira.
Coachella Valley Water District hooked up the park to a new pipeline in order to supply residents with water.
Previously they had to rely on water from a private well. But water from the well had high levels arsenic, so it was not safe to drink.
"Now they don't have to worry about that, they don't have to fear that their water is contaminated, because they will be getting drinking water from CVWD that meets all state and federal standards," said Director of Engineering, Mark Johnson, with the Coachella Valley Water District.
And for residents of Sunbird Mobile Home Park, it's an important change.
"We had gotten used to the low price we had to pay but now that it's good, clean water, it's worth it considering we had to spend more time and money having to go buy and get water," said Ayala.
Now families get fresh, clean water, straight from their faucet.
A grant from the State Department of Public Health covered the half million dollar project.
The Sunbird project is part of a larger effort to extend domestic water infrastructure into rural, unincorporated areas of the east valley.