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Bees in Indio Sting Woman and Man Dozens of Times

Jessica Flores

Bees in Indio Sting Woman and Man Dozens of Times

CREATED Jul. 24, 2012

INDIO- Angry bees are still swarming an Indio neighborhood after hundreds attacked a gardener and homeowner early Tuesday morning.

A gardener trimming a palm tree disturbed the bees. According to fire officials, the bees covered the gardener and stung him at least 80 times. 

"Inside that hollow tree there's probably 20-30 thousand bees and a pretty good size colony and they were just defending their home," said Rudy Vargas, an exterminator for Truly Nolan Pest Control, who was working to kill the bees.

The elderly woman who lives at the house came out, and the bees stung her more than one hundred times. 

"They get really aggressive when they defend their hive and they'll release a pheromone and cause them all to attack and they'll go for anything that's breathing carbon dioxide," said Vargas.

During the attack, fire crews were called to the scene and used foam and water to get the bees off their victims.

The woman and man are released from the hospital and now recovering, according to fire officials.

-- Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News.