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Coachella Fest To Leave Indio?

Thalia Hayden

Coachella Fest To Leave Indio?

CREATED Jul. 5, 2012

INDIO-- It has been spreading like wildfire... word that Goldenvoice is moving Coachella Fest out of Indio. But is it just a rumor? The answer as of now, is yes. But there's a good reason why this rumor circulated so quickly.

Just today, Indio City Councilman Sam Torres postponed his proposed ticket tax, which would have effected the Stagecoach and Coachella Music Festivals. He says he's now looking to repair the city's relationship with Goldenvoice, and is looking forward to the future.

This decision appears to be in response to an article that came out Thursday on a website called "" which sparked today's controversy, saying the festival was moving out of Indio after next year because of that tax.

But now it appears the whole thing is up in the air. No official word has been reported yet.  Local businesses who heard the rumor say they're hoping the festival stays right where it is.

"It's (Coachella Fest) been phenomenal for the businesses of our community- the restaurants, the stores, the gas stations, taco stands, hot dog stands, and all the other kinds of businesses- its been wonderful," says Ciro's Italian Restaurant Owner Ron Hare.

Held at the Polo Grounds for 15 years, this music festival brings in millions upon millions of dollars annually.