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Grieving Mother Speaks Out on Death of Son

Thalia Hayden

Grieving Mother Speaks Out on Death of Son

CREATED Jun. 15, 2012

COACHELLA VALLEY-- A grieving mother is speaking out over the sudden death of her teenage son earlier this week. Blanca Morales says she's still in shock over the death of her 16-year-old son, Christian Morales.

She has three daughters, who are also struggling with the loss of their big brother. Right now the family is relying on their church for strength and support.

Police say Morales died after he became unconscious during water polo practice at Shadow Hills High School on Tuesday. His mother says he became fatigued at some point during the two hour practice.

"Christian had gotten out of the pool and said he was dehydrated, and that he wanted water, but I don't know if he told a coach or a team member or who, but whoever he said it to- if it was a coach- why didn't they stop him from going back into the water?" says Blanca Morales.

Not only did Christian continue practicing, he stayed late to practice some more. That's when he lost consciousness, and his teammates pulled him from the pool. Morales was an all around athlete, involved in swimming, soccer, football, wrestling, and of course water polo.

Blanca Morales is leaning on her church family at the Spanish Assembly of God, for support. The Morales family is also dealing with another tragedy. Christian's grandmother died Tuesday morning, the same day Christian died.

Blanco says if there's one thing to be learned from her son's death, it's that adults and coaches need to observant, and not push young athletes too hard. The exact cause of death has not yet been determined.

There's something you can do to help ease the burden placed on this single mother. Blanca recently lost her job, and needs help with funeral costs. There will be a carwash tomorrow at Palm Desert High School from 7am-11am to raise money.