Legend Pumping Life into Downtown Palm Springs

Jessica Flores

Photo: Video by kmir6.com

Legend Pumping Life into Downtown Palm Springs

CREATED Jun. 12, 2012

PALM SPRINGS- A larger than life legend is bringing scores of tourists to Palm Springs and helping local businesses weather the summer months.

Since the Forever Marilyn statue landed in Palm Springs from Chicago, thousands of visitors have traveled to the desert to take their picture with the icon in her famous pose from the film "Seven Year Inch." The sculpture stands 26-feet tall and weighs forty thousand pounds.

"It's nice to see her against the mountains and in Palm Springs where she actually lived for a while," said Hans Christen, who drove 90 miles from La Vern to see the statue with his wife, even after having seen it in Chicago.

Its helped mostly attract visitors within driving distances in what normally is a down summer economy, according to Palm Springs Tourism Board.

"I'm a bartender downtown and she's downtown. I think it's helping the businesses," said Bill Murray, a bartender downtown.

The Palm Springs Tourism Board won't know her economic impact until the end of summer, but just in terms of media coverage the statue is a huge win for the city. Palm Springs Resorts estimates the media buzz has generated the equivalaent to $800,000 in advertising for the city.

"Almost two million impressions so far which is enormous for one attraction coming into one city, that's an enourmous amount of publicity," said MaryJo Ginter, Palm Springs Director of Tourism.

-- Jessica Flores, KMIR6 News