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Man Saves Dog after Driver Dumps Her

Jaffa King

Man Saves Dog after Driver Dumps Her

CREATED May. 31, 2012

RIVERSIDE - A man scooped up a dog as it chased a car heading onto Highway 60 Thursday morning.

The witness said he believed the dog was purposely dumped.

The dog was spotted running alongside the car after the driver pulled from the shoulder back into the eastbound lanes of Highway 60. A witness, Richard Mazon, noticed the dog give chase and pulled over to save it near the exit for Pedley Road in the city of Jurupa Valley.
Mr. Mazon took the dog to his job at a nearby nursery and contacted Riverside County Animal Services. Officer Mark Visyak picked up the pup, a 2-month-old female terrier mix, at the De Riva Wholesale Nursery.
“This man is a hero for this dog,” Officer Visyak said. “If not for his quick thinking, the dog likely would have continued running onto the highway. I don’t want to think about what could have happened to this little gal if it ended up in the middle of Highway 60.”
Mr. Mazon was focused on saving the dog’s life, so he was unable to get a license plate number for the car driven by the person suspected of willful abandonment of an animal.
Officer Visyak said Mr. Mazon was very upset when he saw the dog running and told the officer he was disgusted that someone could do something like that to a dog.
“He was pretty upset about it,” Officer Visyak said.
The dog’s animal ID number is A0950322. If no one comes to claim the pup, she will be available for adoption on Tuesday, June 5.